Not A Therapist is a name-your-price listening service for the metal and hardcore community.

Our Mission

To understand the misunderstood.

Our Vision

A thriving subculture that embraces mental and emotional health without stigma or judgment.

“I know it’s a crazy idea. But that’s the best part, isn’t it?”

Johnny Crowder began exhibiting symptoms of mental illness at the ripe young age of 3, and the severity would worsen before it ever improved. His abuse-ridden adolescence was plagued with suicidal thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behavior, anxiety, eating disorders, and hallucinations. In short, it wasn’t pretty.

At the University of Central Florida, Crowder studied earnestly to wrap his brain around abnormal psychology – that is, until his band, Dark Sermon, got signed and he left campus to tour the world. Although he completed his AA in Psychology on the road, he learned more about his own mind and the trials of others through traveling than he ever could in a classroom.

After 2 years of therapy and 8 years of heavy medication, Crowder is now functioning healthily without the continued use of either. In their place, he has developed effective strategies that allow him to maintain a sound mind and body throughout his journeys with his new band, Prison, whose thematic content outlines his difficult past and encourages others to persevere through the same hardships.

Since 2012, Crowder’s advocacy efforts have reached over 500,000 people. He has spoken at countless events about the struggle to stay healthy and the light at the end of the tunnel.

He understands how frightening it can be to look your demons in the eye and wrestle them into submission. He understands the stigma that often accompanies the diagnosis of mental illness. He understands how difficult it can be to ask for help – even when you truly need it.

That’s why he started Not A Therapist: To provide others with the support he desperately needed.

And life is too short to live without being listened to.