Name-your-price mental wellness?

That doesn’t sound like a thing.

(Well, it is, indeed, a thing.)

Our philosophy

Whenever we speak to anyone about the obstacles they face when pursuing professional help, one pain point dominates every conversation:

“I just don’t have the money.”

As you might know by now, all of our services are offered on a name-your-price basis. Emotional stability should not be compromised by a spell of economic in-stability.

If you think our conversation is worth $100, we really did our job! But if you need the remaining $13 in your account to eat a hot meal tonight, keep it. You sure as heck don’t owe us anything.

We rely on the financial generosity of our community to keep our doors open and continue serving those in need. What kind of organization would we be if we weren’t just as generous with our time and energy?

Payment methods

Click the icon of your preferred app to donate:


**Even if you are not personally a recipient of our services, we still welcome your donation. Every dollar helps us reach the darkest corners of our community.**